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Transforming the industry, one vendor at a time

Energy Connectt is the first online energy portal in the region.

The last year and a half have been a challenging time for the oil and gas sector where dampened demands for oil resulted in plunging prices, declining production and loss of revenue for business in the industry. These effects have led many to question how they can adapt to this changing landscape.


One major innovation for the energy sector is a global energy portal called Energy Connectt. Founded by industry professionals, Damian Baboolal and Devendra Rajcoomar, the concept was borne out of a shared need to streamline processes within their own work schedules in terms of finding the right vendors for projects within the shortest period.


Designed with the goal of connecting the energy sector, Energy Connectt’s framework provides functionality to the end user as well as the service provider. The portal enables any end user to locate, research and analyse a business partner with an integrated industry relevant search criteria across twenty-three different categories.


In terms of service providers, Energy Connectt’s easy to navigate portal, allows ongoing updating and refinement of their personalized pages to guide the narratives a potential customer may need to know. In essence, Energy Connectt is a dedicated directory, marketing platform and a resource hub for the energy sector.


Founder and Director, Devendra Rajcoomar, sees this innovation of the sector as an essential step toward an evolving energy landscape. Mr. Rajcoomar noted that developments over the past twelve months have emphasized the need for businesses to develop robust sustainability plans, integrating all forms of digital solutions. The Energy Connectt portal enables this transition by providing an enhanced online presence; placing companies at the center of a focused global audience, with marketing opportunities which can contribute to actionable leads.


In an industry inundated with layoffs and diminished opportunities, Mr. Rajcoomar says “the energy professional will find himself being asked to deliver more for less and Energy Connectt’s industry-relevant filters, verified feedback and networking capabilities allow for an enhanced procurement experience which enables a user to source the needs of his company in a fraction of the time”.


Founder and Director, Damian Baboolal added that this push to innovate within the sector was also due to the need to keep the energy sector connected during a time where oil and gas prices have been hit by contractions in the global economy. 


During a time of upheaval, Mr. Baboolal said “there is a necessity to keep the communication open within this energy community. As one of the hardest hit markets in the global landscape, the energy sector needs a platform to understand the developments in the industry, seek job opportunities and ultimately to stay connected to their peers to survive the massive job losses and uncertainty.”


Mr. Baboolal further stated that “although the focus in the region has traditionally involved non-renewable energy concerns, Energy Connectt is not specifically an oil and gas platform but is focused on creating a network for all stakeholders in the energy industry with sustained activities targeted to include renewable energy providers”.


To achieve their goals for Energy Connectt, Mr. Baboolal and Mr. Rajcoomar have set out to enlist vendors and clients within the energy sector and have registered a substantial number of companies to their platform with a goal of exponential global growth.


The Energy Connectt portal is now live In the next few months users can look forward to the roll out of a mobile app, webinars, tutorials, and networking opportunities.


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