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Can i list more than one company profile ?

Yes you can and also in multiple countries or regions.. Get in touch with us to discuss the options.

is this a global platform ?

Yes. You can list your company from wherever you are in the world. The platform will be targeted to the major energy hubs globally.

Are the payment terms fixed?

We have provided affordable pricing to accommodate business of all sizes and capacity. Contact us to discuss other options.

how will the portal be marketed?

Our marketing appraoch is multi pronged. We will use data analytics to drive SEO and digital strategies. In addition to which, we will host webinars, workshops and networking activities at major energy conferences to bring awareness to the platform.

Is it FREE to join ?

Anyone can register for free and join the Energy Connectt community. Engage with each other respectfully and share the success stories of the companies that are listed on the portal.

How can I leave a comment ?

As a registered member you can share your feedback to help other professionals like yourself, learn more about the companies listed.

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