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Offshore Caterer Diversifies

Offshore Caterer diversifies in response to economic changes brought on by the pandemic.

Allied Caterers, a member of the GCG Group, has been catering for offshore crews for over 40 years out of Trinidad and Tobago. In addition to this, the group is also one of the top airline caterers across 21 countries in the US, Caribbean and Latin America. The impact of travel and safety restrictions due to Covid-19 has been a key reason the company has had to fast track diversification plans. Focusing on the premise of ‘using what you already have’, the company capitalized on its HACCP certified and STOW certified facility, and its existing staff to repurpose it into a food manufacturing business.

This GCG Group company is pleased to announce the launch of its retail line of frozen foods, ICE HOUSE. Starting with frozen vegetables, the ICE HOUSE brand, will build on the company’s expertise in food catering and processing experience to create convenient, delicious, and affordable frozen meals. “We have diversified our catering business while leveraging our HACCP certified food manufacturing facility to create a frozen food product range for the retail channel”, said Ainsley Rajkumar, the company’s Managing Director. “We have a responsibility to ensure that our business is sustainable and that we aim to buffer the potential negative impact of the global economy, especially as it relates to the livelihood of our staff”, he added.

What was initially a project to minimize the risk of using knives offshore, in addition to a more efficient use of manhours, quickly evolved into a production line of various prepped vegetables for use offshore as well as onshore at our facility. “This is a true testament of our core values of Innovation and Continuous Improvement at our company.” Jason Cox, Station Manager.

Consumers can prepare delicious meals in record time with nutritious frozen food handled with the highest food safety standards. ICE HOUSE vegetables are nutrient locked, washed, sanitized and ready for the pot with no additives or preservatives.

ICE HOUSE launched Cubed Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, chopped Dasheen Bush (Taro Leaves), chopped Bodi (Long String Beans). The company aims to have a prominent presence in the frozen food category with plans to launch other fully prepared frozen foods.

Additionally, with a significant increase in entrepreneurs entering the food industry, the company is also working with some local food businesses with manufacturing and supply to third party brands. “Many food chains, resellers or cottage industry chefs are looking to consolidate or scale up their business”, said Ainsley. GCG is an option to manufacture your brand or supply produce. “For example, there are some large chains located in Trinidad who procure prepped vegetables like lettuce, seasonings, tomatoes etc. for ingredients in their finished products. Food safety, cost, efficiency, and management of wastage are key drivers for this business model.”

The company’s agile approach and leverage of existing capabilities seems to have projected an optimistic outlook for the future. The company continues to deliver benchmark service to its existing offshore clients and is heavily preparing to resume flight catering operations as the local borders open up. A sustainable future is possible, and this company seems to be poised to grow.

MORE about ICE HOUSE Frozen Products:

The company carefully picked vegetable staples commonly used in Caribbean cooking.

Pick up a pack of frozen pumpkin cubes to make that tasty pumpkin choka or frozen dasheen bush chopped and ready to make some delicious callaloo.

Are you grudgingly procrastinating to cut that sweet potato or carrots for your dish? We are also excited to showcase our Assorted Cuts line where you can get different cuts of the same vegetable in a resealable pouch. The ICE HOUSE Pumpkin Assorted comes with cubed and diced pumpkin in individually vacuum-sealed 1 lb. bags. Similarly, you can relax knowing that you can choose from carrots coined, diced, or julienned to prepare a meal on a whim.

Feed your imagination with all the exciting dish possibilities you can create at your convenience. Our attractive retail packaging gives consumers the image of the actual product (in the second bubble) and presents the ideas of what dishes can be made using the frozen product. Additionally, recipes and nutritional facts are located at the back of the package. Also, you can scan our QR code on the pack to learn more and stay updated with ICE HOUSE products.

ICE HOUSE frozen vegetables are currently available at select major supermarket locations in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition to expanding distribution, ICE HOUSE will soon expand into a wide variety of other meal-time staples.

For information about our catering and canteen services for your organization, please refer to our contact information on our company profile. Follow on Instagram @IceHouse1924 and Facebook @IceHouse1924

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