Mission Statement
We provide strategic leadership and effective regulation and management of the energy and mineral sectors to create sustainable value for Trinidad and Tobago.

Vision Statement
To be a highly responsive, client-oriented organisation to drive the sustainable development of the energy and mineral sectors.

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) is responsible for the overall management of the oil, gas and minerals sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. These sectors are the largest single contributors to the GDP of the country and the revenues generated provide the resources for the future development objectives of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT).

The MEEI is also responsible for monitoring, controlling and regulating of the energy and mineral sectors of Trinidad and Tobago. Its early years began in 1904 when the Mines Department was established to manage Manjak production. In 1948 the Mines Department was re-designated the Petroleum Department.

In June 1962, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines was established. Since then there has been nine name changes with corresponding changes in ministerial responsibility. As the energy sector expanded so have the roles and functions of the MEEI.


The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries provides a number of services to the industry. These range from the processing of industry-related applications to the sale of industry data. The following are the main services provided:




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