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Providing Fabric Maintenance Services. We provide insulation material for a variety of uses inclusive of process industry, marine and offshore, customized solutions for industrial applications, engineered solutions, acoustic, noise and vibration control. Our product portfolio covers metals, refractory and ceramic fibre to meet your needs.

We provide array of maintenance services including Insulation, coatings, wraps and leak stoppage solutions for industrial installations. We provide disassembly, reassembly and renewal of industrial insulation pipes, vessels and tank walls with the ability to assist clients on new construction, renovation and maintenance shutdown projects.

Services Offered:

  • Industrial Corrosion Protection
  • Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Access Systems
  • Field Services
  • Insulation 
    • Cryogenic: An engineered solution with prefabricated insulation segments applied with staggered joints and sealant Pumpable cryo-insulation maintenance services
    • Thermal: Fiber/Foamglass and mineral wool insulation solutions, including removable and reusable blankets.
    • Acoustic: Sound protection available as wall panels, ceiling tiles, enclosures, barriers, or architectural elements.
  • Refractory 
    • Castable: An engineered solution of monolithic linings within all types of furnaces and kilns.
    • Fire bricks: Supply and professional installation for furnaces and kilns.
    • Fibres: Ceramic fiber used in 2300°F temperatures for a variety of applications like furnace insulation, expansion joints, boilers and steam lines.
  • Passive Fire ProtectionOur Passive Fire Protection Systems offers temporary protection slowing the spread of fire from one area of a building to another. It will also prevent and reduce the amount of damage caused and even minimize the risk of a building collapsing allowing for protected zones for any occupants to escape quickly and safely.
    • Fire Proofing
      • Intumescent coatings
      • Prefabricated fire-resistant panels
      • Wrapping (blankets and tapes)
      • Gypsum, Cementitious or Fibrous plasters
    • Fire Stopping
      • Fire Stop Pillows
      • Composite firestopping sheets
      • Intumescent firestop sealants/wraps/collars
      • Firestop Mortar
  • Blasting, Painting & Coatings
    • Surface Preparation
      • Blasting
      • Specialty abrasive media blasting
      • Hydro blasting
      • Lead paint removal
    • Coating Application
      • Tank coatings and linings
      • Structural steel painting
      • Plural component application
      • In-service tank exterior projects
      • Secondary containment
      • Marine & High temp coatings
      • Flat plates, Sheet pile
      • Piping & Fittings & Valves
    • Coating Inspection
      • Surveys and evaluation
      • Specification development
      • Material selection
      • Specification review



Management Team:

  • Vishnu Balgobin- General Manager
  • Rajiv Ramsaroop- Project Engineer
  • Gary Jugmohan- Business Development Representative
  • Natasha Maharaj- Project Coordinator

Recent and Ongoing Projects:

  • Weldfab- Painting, Blasting and Insulation
  • TOFCO- Painting, Blasting and Manpower Supply
  • MHI- Painting, Blasting and Materials Supply
  • Amsha Engineering- Painting Blasting and Manpower Supply
  • Insulation Contractors- Materials Supply